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At the Stockton Flavor Fest, 100% of the proceeds benefit our local non-profit volunteer organizations.


Are you a local community leader, a non-profit executive, or cultural organization looking to share your time with Stockton Flavor Fest? Consider becoming part of our volunteer team!

Our goal is to create an event that supports our local non-profits, and all volunteers are assigned through non-profit groups. The proceeds of the Stockton Flavor Fest are shared with local charities that are represented by the volunteers. Each charity receives a donation based on a schedule of units, or hours, for the work performed by the volunteers. Currently we are accepting only Stockton & San Joaquin County non-profit organizations.

Sign-Up Your Non-Profit Group or Organization

Questions? Call Christa at 209-938-1555 or email volunteer@visitstockton.org.

While most volunteer opportunities are in coordination with a local non-profit organization, individuals may sign up for possible opportunities, including being connected to a non-profit group, by visiting our Individual Volunteer Sign Up Page.

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